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Welcome to my page! My name is Q*bert...

I started this blog to keep my family and friends in touch with my journey. I update the site from all four corners of the globe, and it's pretty much taken over my life now. I don't have any answers to any of the big questions, I don't really know what half the questions are. I do know that life isn't what you expect it to be. @!#?@!?

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Royal Experience!

April 29, 2011

hi folks, guess you are curious what happened next :-)


had an awesome day! Charles took me to that wedding ceremony and man, what a @!#?@! crowd of people! William and a nice woman wrapped in white curtain cloth called Kate welcomed me and lifted me on their shoulders to make sure I won't get trampled down by the wild bunch of fans. I am popular, I know, but this cheering and screaming made me speechless! After William, Kate and some parts of the family (all dressed in nice carnival style costumes) took me to a church the crowd outside completely freaked out! Then later after William, Kate and myself drove inside a very old car with wooden wheels that was HORSE driven! I always thought british people can afford more than that but anyway, I am not sophisticated!



During that long ride with the horse waggon I really enjoyed my fans cheering at me. It is good to know people still love me after all these years! A few hours later we had some sort of date for the press. Man I really dislike this @!#?@! kind of exposure but anyway due to the fact that I am a guest I kept my nose still and grinned in the camera. Did I tell you that I know how to behave in foreign countries? Look at this fantastic picture: Myself on top of William's left shoulder close to that damn good looking girl! Haha, this made my day :-)



Finally the whole thing ended with a lot of hugging and kissing while William and Kate were still dressed in their carnival costumes, haha! I think they are a nice couple, a little stiff but quite lovable.



So I end my little review on this royal carnival now. Tomorrow evening I will have to leave London for some new adventures! Stay tuned my dear fans!

London Calling!

April 28, 2011

Got a call from Charles lately (Yeah, right, the Ex-Husband of Diana!), whom I get to know in London in the mid-80's during a Parker Game promotion tour for the Q-bert Game adaption. We became close friends and I presented him one of these Gottlieb Arcade units. He still has it standing in his living room, but this is another story...


So when he called me to join his son's wedding, I immediately decided to come over and fly to London. That meant I had to grab my things in a hurry and leave Thailand. It was a hard decision but hey, this is what friends are for! So after a @!#?@! long travel with the press always on my back I reached Germany to change planes. Sabine who picked me at Baden-Baden airport to join me, took me in her case to avoid further press attention and we were able to arrive in London just in time!


But what a surprise! The city was extra-crowded! Seems that Charles and William invited some more people to that damn marriage thing so we had a @!#?@! hard time to find a hotel for the night. While Sabine was invited by a business company she has to do some sort of market research thing. I found myself a small abandoned room on the road no one seemed to be interested in. I was very happy cause it had beautiful windows and also provided a phone close to my bed! but the best thing, it was free! haha!


So stay tuned & let's see what comes next. Talk to you tomorrow when I have further information on how that marriage cermemony thing turns out!


So sad - I have to leave...

April 27, 2011

The land of smiling people - I have to leave them all behind... :-( But I have some @!#?@! serious appointments in London. Some kind of Royal ceremony, but I have no further information! People who know me better understand that I cannot say NO, so I am on the way to London.


Anyway here are my last pics of lovely Thailand: The boat trip to the countryside airport on my last destination was a lot of fun! I like these crazy little boats hopping over the waves and causing some nice ocean spray! On my arrival I saw this nice Temple complex. Some people told me not to hop on the stairs of the temple brcause it is holy. I found this hard to do; my feet made me want to hop. But I resepect people's wishes brcause I know how to behave in foreign countries!


Anyway, deep inside I have a feeling that Buddah (I guess he is the man people admire here with all these statues) is a good god cause he is always displayed with a joyful smile on his face. He surely would love people enjoying themselves, having fun and living their inner child and this is exactely what I try to do when I start on hopping :-)

So bye bye Thailand, hope to be here again soon!


PS: I got a small Buddha statue from one of my fans. I was very happy although I must say it is quite heavy and made of pure green Jade! Hope this won't cause complications at the customs!



Ready for the Beach...

April 26, 2011

Today we relaxed in our hotelroom for a while before we went to the beach. Although Tobi smoked a lot, and I normally hate any kind of smoke, I suddenly bursted out laughing and I could not stop! No idea why this happened but we laughed about banal things we normally would not even grin at. Hahaha




Later, we took a trip on the beach and I hopped on stones a lot. The @!#?@! stones did not change color although I jumped on them as hard as I could. What a strange experience! Then I stopped being too anxious about changing stone's colours and started to enjoy nature in it's pure beauty instead. This really moved me and I really learned something more important than changing stone's colors: Letting Go!



Golden Girls and Monsters...

April 23, 2011

Today I met some good looking golden girls, what a nice change - although they do not speak either. But later I was very scared about this golden monster, it was a very strong one and it looked so @!#?@! crazy. But I had the nerve to hop on him. Seems that does not impress him in any way...


What a view...

April 20, 2011

Sorry, i am in a hurry - It took 30 minutes to upload the photos... Today I met some of the silent golden men in the mountains - still no reaction when I talked to them. But they where all looking at me...


Sleeping Elephants and Relaxed Old Men

April 14, 2011

This is funny, everywhere I go there are houses with @!#?@! crazy rooftops. And if you enter there are always elephants and old men inside, painted in gold and very relaxed. They never move - i tried to speak to them but they do not answer me. Maybe its the "meditation" thing my travel guide Tobi told me about.



April 11, 2011

Today I visited other Temples in the region, our wishes have been answered and it stoped raining. The sea is kind of dangerous here, i was told, so we had a little ceremony on the beach. Thai people are very friendly people, this is a country of smiling people. Nice to be here.



What a silence...

April 7, 2011

What a week - we nearly got caught in a flood at our hotel! It was @!#?@! raining all the day long. We ended up carrying sand bags to prevent the hotel from being flooded. The Thailand Army was our best friend. Now we moved from our first island to another and the rain stopped. Oh what luck. I met a very friendly family who invited me to their little temple - it was a great expirience. After all the stress I really enjoyed the silence...



Welcome to Thailand

March 27, 2011

After two @!#?@! cold weeks in Austria I packed my things and flew over to a warmer place. Welcome to Thailand! After a 12 hour flight I arrived at the hotel - and it was raining, and raining and @!#?@!raining. I am here in a very nice Internetcafe but the connection is like being in 1994 with my old 56 k modem. It possibly is a 56 k modem... I'll get back to you soon!


Austria here we come!!!!

March 16, 2011

Today we went high up in the mountains at a nice ski resort called Mellau / Damuels which is located in Austria close to the German border. I always wanted to go to Austria. The people are lovely you know and Mozart came from Austria, my all time musical hero! Anyway we took a small cablecar to get to that damn summit on 2800m. What a rocky and windy experience. Also the air got thinner and thinner but who cares?




Up on the mountain we had a fantastic view on the Austrian Alps. Simon, Peter, Thorsten and myself did some extreme downhill racing while Adrian took nice pics of the location with his camera. What do you think of my new russian style hat? Isn´t it @!#?@! gorgeous? 




We did a lot of racing but we also found some time to sit down and relax. Peter who is my all time friend paid for a round of genuine Austrian beer!




After some really fantastic burps I was ready for some sun bathing. 




Adrian looks a bit strange in his original 70's skiing suit but people didn't care so why should I?




 After this winter trip I now desire for some warmer locations, any suggestions?

Racing downhill!!

March 13, 2011

Wooow what a cool experience! My frist downhill race! It took me just a few minutes to assimilate "skiing" and then started to race downhill. Thorsten who is our kit manager gave me a pair of mini-skis that allowed me to ski really fast. Peter was my hardest rival during the race but I beat him the first race (and of course in the following races). Man this was @!#?@! fun!!!



After the Race it was time to sit down and relax. Simon who seemed a bit depressed after the race didn't work out well for him took me to an Aprés-Ski bar were we drank way too much...



On the road to Oberstaufen for skiing adventure

March 7, 2011

Today we started our trip to lovely Oberstaufen, a @!#?@! small town located in Bavaria (you know these crazy yodeling guys who fell in big beer barrels when they were kids and now dance like dervishes while slaping their shoes, thighs and their partner's faces).


Simon, Thorsten, Adrian and Peter formed our downhill ski team. After everything has been stored well in our way too small car the ride started at Reutlingen in Swabia (you know these crazy swaying guys who invented the automobile and go wild for Spaetzle and Maultaschen).




Peter the bald head to my right was our driver and host of the vacation. He is friendly when he has enough beer else he is a bit grumbly. Thorsten our second bald head is friendly too, although I have to admit he farts way too much @!#?@!? Simon the spectacle wearer is a very polite person, he is the most intellectual guy in our group after me. He has a good taste of music! Adrian the grey haired person is my buddy you know! although the smallest in our group he seemed to have a privilege to sit in front of the car were there was the most space in the car @!#?@!?




Ravensburg was on our way to Oberstaufen. What a nice town! It is known for it's famous board games & puzzles. While the weather got worse and worse we didn't loose our humor!




Finally we arrived in Oberstaufen and after a short relax from the ride I found a new friend who lives in the staircase of the house. He calls himself "Schorsch" and is a wild bavarian badger. Now he is old and therefore seems a bit stiff especially in the morning. But I like him though!

Tune in for more @!#?@!? adventures coming up next! 

Back in my Swabian Headquarters!!

March 3, 2011

Today I journeyed back to my swabian headquarters which are located in a @!#?@ nice town called Reutlingen. My administrator Simon Kiefer welcomed me in his private rooms. Due to my skills in classic piano I did a quick performance to a well selected audience. My favorite classical piece is "Barber's Adagio for strings" which I converted to piano. People were enthusiastic and cheered for an encore. So I played another 2 hours, mostly Beethoven and Chopin. What an evening!




After my short performance I noticed that Isidor, Simon's cat and one of my listeners fell asleep during my performance - what a @!#?@ philistine!!!




Anyway I am not a resentful person, so I forgave that damn cat in the morning, shortly after a fantastic breakfast Simon's wife Marion prepared for us.




Shortly after breakfast and after cleaning the house I was heading for some skiing adventures in Austria! So watch out you guys for more adventures coming up soon!



Absent-minded people from Berlin!

February 25, 2011

What is really strange about Berlin is the fact that people always seem to forget their own names! Besides the names on their doorbell panels - they also scrawl the walls with their names in order to not forget them, isn't that odd?? Some folks seemed to be so forgetful that they repeat their names over and over again @!#?@!?

Berlin's Air Rats

February 23, 2011


I had a @!#?@! discussion with some of the doves that seem to occupy Berlin. Everywhere in Berlin they are A) asking for some food B) pooing all over the place and C) grouping in gangs and making streets unsafe. After a short chat with one of them, another one soon came in and shortly after I found myself in a large crowd of uncivilized birds within seconds! I mean do you remember the Hitchcock film "The birds"? What a scary experience! Anyway I was lucky enough to get out alive - Berlin can be @!#?@! dangerous, even in the daytime! That's why people from Berlin call their doves "Air Rats".

Currywurst and Pommes at Konnopke`s

February 22, 2011


Today Oliver, Anne and I where out in @!#?@! cold Berlin to have the best Currywurst on the planet. We walked along a very dirty Schönhauser Allee to Eberswalderstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg. And what a surprise - Konnopkes Imbiss is a little crazy because they are reconstructing the complete U-Bahn and have moved Konnopkes to the next corner. But I saw they built a new Imbiss under the U-bahn bridge - Berlin stays the same - what a luck.

The Currywurst is great, also the French Fries (here called Pommes), are very delicious. But we could not eat in silence - the press was around us within seconds and I had to give autographs and so on - the normal life of a arcade hero, you know. After the business was finished we had a Becks beer and I burped one for Rudy, my new collector friend in France.

Photo shooting with Anne

February 17, 2011


Today Oliver´s girlfriend Anne asked me to pose for her because she wanted a nice looking guy on her telephone screen. And as you know I can not say "No," so I presented my best side. Later we took some serious photos because whenever the !#?@!? press contacts me I do not have a photo to give them.

Meeting Giesela

February 14, 2011


At Oliver´s home I met Giesela, Chewbacca´s ex-girlfriend. She was a little bit wild for the first few seconds so I stayed away for a little bit. I gave her the Steak from Chewbacca - soon after we had a friendly chat and I understood why Chewbacca says she is the cutest Wookiee lady in town. Also she has a very sexy nose in my opinion.

Back in Berlin again...

February 14, 2011

I am back in Berlin to visit Oliver, yet another collector of old Computers, Pong- and Video consoles, vintage calculators, 1970´s computer memory, Pac-Man Collectibles (woa, i can´t stand with this yellow guy) and other useless stuff.


Tomorrow we will go out to "Konnopkes Imbiss" to eat the best Currywurst on this planet. Konnopke’s snack bar under the Eberswalderstrasse station arches has been serving its legendary bites since 1930, and is renowned for its tasty Currywurst. What’s so special about the sauce they serve? It’s a secret, one that’s been kept in the Ziervogel family for generations. They start dishing the stuff out at the spritely hour of 6am, so next time you’re stumbling around Berlin in the early hours, fresh out of some banging techno club and looking for something special, and cheap, to line your stomach, head to Konnopke’s. The Currywurst is calling.

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