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Welcome to my page! My name is Q*bert...

I started this blog to keep my family and friends in touch with my journey. I update the site from all four corners of the globe, and it's pretty much taken over my life now. I don't have any answers to any of the big questions, I don't really know what half the questions are. I do know that life isn't what you expect it to be. @!#?@!?

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On hunt for seabirds!

October 12, 2011

You surely knew it! I am a great hobby ornithologist!


I always carry a pair of field glasses with me. There could always be a chance to have a view on natural wildlife and especially birds! You know I can hop up to 100 meters high, but I cannot fly - that's why I always admire or should I say eager birds for their ability to fly wherever they want!




Seagulls are not that rare but I like them though - It is same with Men, they always have an eye for nice looking women although they are not rare either!




On hunt for the ultra rare "Sea Aurich"! To find a speciment of this rare species is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for every hobby ornithologist! Guess what: I didn't found one either... :-(  Although I bought me this big telescope...




Each of my holiday trips end with buying souvenirs! I found this nice "St.Pauli" flag (a worldfamous German soccer team located in Hamburg). I am not sure why pirates around the world are fans of that team, at least they carry their fan utensil with them, but I guess I will find out soon!




Uwe, Sabine and Adrian bought me this nice hat that fits me very well. This once belonged to Helmut Schmidt the famous German chancelor! He must be very popular among Seamen cause they always wear such hats, maybe as a sign of honour or maybe the hats are part of fan merchandising.




What a surprise! Shortly before our holiday in France came to an end, I met my dear old friend Paul the octopuss! He now owns a souvenir shop with three dozens of employees working for him. A lot of work to be done - but at least he has eight hands to handle it!

We had a nice chat about the past soccer tournament which the Spanish team won. He told me that Germany will win the next cup in 2012 and who am I to disagree ;-)


See you soon my dear fans. I'll be in Minorca/Spain soon for some nice Menorcin food!


Stay tuned! 











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