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I started this blog to keep my family and friends in touch with my journey. I update the site from all four corners of the globe, and it's pretty much taken over my life now. I don't have any answers to any of the big questions, I don't really know what half the questions are. I do know that life isn't what you expect it to be. @!#?@!?

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On the road to Oberstaufen for skiing adventure

March 7, 2011

Today we started our trip to lovely Oberstaufen, a @!#?@! small town located in Bavaria (you know these crazy yodeling guys who fell in big beer barrels when they were kids and now dance like dervishes while slaping their shoes, thighs and their partner's faces).


Simon, Thorsten, Adrian and Peter formed our downhill ski team. After everything has been stored well in our way too small car the ride started at Reutlingen in Swabia (you know these crazy swaying guys who invented the automobile and go wild for Spaetzle and Maultaschen).




Peter the bald head to my right was our driver and host of the vacation. He is friendly when he has enough beer else he is a bit grumbly. Thorsten our second bald head is friendly too, although I have to admit he farts way too much @!#?@!? Simon the spectacle wearer is a very polite person, he is the most intellectual guy in our group after me. He has a good taste of music! Adrian the grey haired person is my buddy you know! although the smallest in our group he seemed to have a privilege to sit in front of the car were there was the most space in the car @!#?@!?




Ravensburg was on our way to Oberstaufen. What a nice town! It is known for it's famous board games & puzzles. While the weather got worse and worse we didn't loose our humor!




Finally we arrived in Oberstaufen and after a short relax from the ride I found a new friend who lives in the staircase of the house. He calls himself "Schorsch" and is a wild bavarian badger. Now he is old and therefore seems a bit stiff especially in the morning. But I like him though!

Tune in for more @!#?@!? adventures coming up next! 

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