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Welcome to my page! My name is Q*bert...

I started this blog to keep my family and friends in touch with my journey. I update the site from all four corners of the globe, and it's pretty much taken over my life now. I don't have any answers to any of the big questions, I don't really know what half the questions are. I do know that life isn't what you expect it to be. @!#?@!?

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Its International Play Your Vectrex Day!

November 1, 2012


I am here in Rudy´s Vectrex Collectors heaven and have a lot of fun hopping on all the original vectrex boxes.  The Crocodile and the green Drop-thing did not catched me on the way to the top. Today on November 01 2012 it is International Play Your vectrex Day. I played a lot with the Vectrex´s 3-D Googles - amazing ! The history of the Vectrex is quite crazy, in 1981 a bunch of @!#?@! freaks developed it and Milton Bradley (MB) bought it. OK, it died soon in the Video Gaming Crash in 1984. But its still a wicked arcade gem!


Rudy has everything Vectrex - even the original 1984´s store presentation stand. And gues what i found - a fresh out of the box Q*bert game for the Atari 2600 console. Good old days, i nearly cried!

I am in France :-)

September 13, 2012

Land of great culture and scenery - i am in France! I visit my friend Rudy and his family, Rudy collects Arcade machines and has the biggest Vectrex Collection i ever saw. Today i met Lillou, such a lovely dog lady. She gave me compliments for my nose. I like her ears, i wonder how i would look with them ? Tomorrow we take a tour with Rudy´s original DDR Trabant car to Belgium - to eat some French Fries :-) Rudy´s leaves the country to get some food! French are crazy, i tell you!


Playing with a Vectrex

August 6, 2012

Had a few Vectrex tournaments at Oliver´s Home Arcade Hall. It was a lot of fun playing these vintage games that once attracted the masses to join the Arcades. 



Looks a bit like James Bond in action - I am a cool guy huh?

Unfortunately I could not capture the 3-D effect on photo - it's hard to describe!


So In a couple of hours I will have to leave Berlin. Rudy and his Family are driving back to France - and I will join them! Rudy told me about an imbiss at the French/Belgian border that serves the best French Fries & Hot Dogs in the world. I cannot wait to taste them. Tell you about it soon :-) 

I have the Vectrex Feever!

August 4, 2012

Friends, i am back!
My crazy French friend Rudy, his lovely wife Mrs. S. and his son Mr. T. are going to visit me during their stay in Berlin at Oliver´s Homebase (my Berlin headquarter). We will surely have a lot of fun! Rudy brought his amazing Vectrex 3-D Imager to Berlin and we are about to play vintage 3-D arcade games on Oliver's Vectrex Home Arcade System.
By the way this was definately the first 3D game system that was ever released!! Sega tried to claim that they were the first after releasing some LCD goggles, but they came out 4 years later! In the end they were forced to stop all their advertising concerning their "3D accessory" due to the fact that the Vectrex 3D Imager was truly the first.
I am sooo excited about this part of Videogame History - I must tell you more soon! Stay tuned!
Now after the usual sightseeing stuff in Berlin Rudy will take me to his place and will show me his original German Trabbi car. For those who don't know a Trabbi, it was manufactured in former DDR/GDR - mostly from paper and glue and people had to wait for years to get one!! Also I am very curious to see Rudy's legendary Vectrex collection - he has EVERYTHING Vectrex related! WOOOW!!

"Blair Witch Project" reloaded! My trip to the USA in January

February 18, 2012

I have to apologize for the long delay but i became a victim of strange circumstances I can hardly tell you about. In fact i got lost in the woods of Colorado shortly after Newyear's Eve.


Let me tell you! It all happened when Nicholas an old friend of mine called me on the phone and asked to come over and do a nice camping trip to a well known resort in the Colorado Forest. A strange idea i was thinking to myself, doing a camping trip in january, but from the inside my adventurous side said "why not!", so I made up my mind and took the next plane to join my friend who is living in Westminster Colorado USA. 


Two days later after an excessive exploration of Denver's nightlife we finally got sober and took the train heading for the Colorado Forest that we reached in the evening without any trouble. By the way hitchhiking was great fun! we met that damn good looking girl from the South and ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| 




Shortly after assembling our tent and raising a fire my friend Nicholas left to go on searching for firewood and I was preparing our marshmallows - a MUST HAVE on every fancy barbecue!




Everything was prepared for a very nice evening between old friends but what should I say, Nicholas NEVER CAME BACK! At first I was thinking he was joking on me cause I heard strange, silly voices coming from the deep dark wood like some child imitating alien voices - you know the ones you hear on movies like "Scream" or stuff like that.


You know I am a brave Q*bert and I am not easy to scare, but after 2 hours of being alone and continously listening to strange noises going on I got a sudden feeling that not even Nicholas (he somehow can rerun jokes for quite a while) can act that endurably daffy and I started to think that there was something really strange was going on. Shortly after I heard some twicks snapping very close to me along with some lunatic laughing I really got a little scared and hurried inside that damn ten, which was not that save asylum I was looking for.




The upcoming night was what i would describe as my most horrifying moment in life and i am not really sure if I should tell you. At least you deserve to know what happened that night, so I tell you now.


Shortly after I got inside my sleeping bag ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| then it tried to ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| and after that ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| i did my best not ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS |||  anyway I never thought that this could happen ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| it looked like it was taking ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| and I was soo scared ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| too many victims ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| disappeared in the woods... ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| rumours said that it always lived ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS |||


Now you know the truth about this god forsaken place and I had a hard time getting back to civilisation and after that it took me another couple of weeks regaining my mental health. Nicholas if you read this, please get back in contact with me, any sign of life is much appreaciated! I don't want that ||| ERASED DUE TO CENSOR RESTRICTIONS ||| hidden in the woods did harm you. At least I want to know what happened to you!


Finally this January Horror Story ended on me and I hope I will soon come back to you with more pleasing reviews on my upcoming trips in 2012!


Yours Q*bert

New Years Family Meeting 2012

January 9, 2012

This year our New Year Family Meeting took place in Ebringen/Germany. All came over except a few relatives that could not come. We had a very nice time singing, chatting & discussing. We also had a big chess tournament which igis won. He's the one sitting left to our Newyear's Prezel which was delicious! We all wish you a happy New Year!


Me & my family wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

On hunt for seabirds!

October 12, 2011

You surely knew it! I am a great hobby ornithologist!


I always carry a pair of field glasses with me. There could always be a chance to have a view on natural wildlife and especially birds! You know I can hop up to 100 meters high, but I cannot fly - that's why I always admire or should I say eager birds for their ability to fly wherever they want!




Seagulls are not that rare but I like them though - It is same with Men, they always have an eye for nice looking women although they are not rare either!




On hunt for the ultra rare "Sea Aurich"! To find a speciment of this rare species is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for every hobby ornithologist! Guess what: I didn't found one either... :-(  Although I bought me this big telescope...




Each of my holiday trips end with buying souvenirs! I found this nice "St.Pauli" flag (a worldfamous German soccer team located in Hamburg). I am not sure why pirates around the world are fans of that team, at least they carry their fan utensil with them, but I guess I will find out soon!




Uwe, Sabine and Adrian bought me this nice hat that fits me very well. This once belonged to Helmut Schmidt the famous German chancelor! He must be very popular among Seamen cause they always wear such hats, maybe as a sign of honour or maybe the hats are part of fan merchandising.




What a surprise! Shortly before our holiday in France came to an end, I met my dear old friend Paul the octopuss! He now owns a souvenir shop with three dozens of employees working for him. A lot of work to be done - but at least he has eight hands to handle it!

We had a nice chat about the past soccer tournament which the Spanish team won. He told me that Germany will win the next cup in 2012 and who am I to disagree ;-)


See you soon my dear fans. I'll be in Minorca/Spain soon for some nice Menorcin food!


Stay tuned! 











On the beach!

October 10, 2011

Another entry about our France trip which is about to come to an end soon... :-(




The pink granite coast is world famous!  And we enjoyed our stay very much!




As a Q-bert I am a very tough guy and I can stand a lot of things. I am very sensitive for two things: sunlight and water! That's why always seek a place in the shade!




I did some research on local coast fauna & flora and found some nice very nice speciments! The doves were a bit shy but after uwe gave them our last picnic sandwiches I was able to talk to them! It was mother and daughter and what really surprised me, they didn't even heard of Q-bert @!#?@!!




Later after I met this little pal! We had a nice chat about the weather and french food. He did this nice drawing in the sand for me - isn't it sweet?!!







Some x-tra cool chilling!

October 8, 2011

Uwe, Adrian and Sabine persuaded me to do a trip through the bars and Casinos so we went to the coast line on hunt for some nice locations to spend our money:




Uwe was delighted having found this nice place with the wild sea on one side and some wild lounge and bar streetlife on the other side! 




Uwe, happy, having found this nice Casino and shortly before we entered the Casino. Later after he gamed away our entire holiday money! Oh man!




Another piece of Modern Art. Too heavy to carry it away and too expensive when you are broke...


Talk to you later...





Trip through the countryside...

October 6, 2011

Sorry for the wait, again a massive lack on time on my behalf. Anyway here is another post about our France trip.


The Breton region has a lot to offer if you go for nature, so we decided to visit some nice old villages. Most of the buildings were made of very solid granite stone. People love to decorate their houses with nice flower ensembles:




I love to hang around and so I enjoyed it very much to smell these nice flowers. After a short break we found a very nice place to stay for the night:




Not bad isn't it? 


The next morning we did some walking around and I found this nice little house:




It was for sale but uwe and sabine persuaded me not to buy it 'cause there are rumours that a ghost of a deceased disco dancer lives in the old house who is singing old Boney M tunes in the night - should be a horrible experience - haha!


Shortly after I found this little pal:




It is strange, but I seem to attract cats! Everywhere I go they follow in crowds. I dislike to be hassled by admirers that way.

Anyway this one was friendly and told me that I still have a lot of fans even here in this tiny village. Years ago they even errected a kind of statue for me. a true sign of honour!

After a short walk we found the statue in the middle of the village close to the mayor's house:




Not bad! Although I am not very much into Modern Art I like this nice monument of admiration!


Later after we did some relaxing aside from the public in the local countryside.




I really like to be close to my fans, but somehow I also need some time for my own...

More hot stuff coming up "soon"



Met Black Beard today!!

August 4, 2011

Yeah right, I met "Black Beard" again an old friend of my wild days. Did a lot of @!#?@! drugs when i was a growing up Q-bert and this was my buddy back then.




He changed a bit since we last met in 1776 and lost one leg in a battle with a big white shark. Anyway he seems not to grow older.




This was taken after a long chat with Black Beard about the good old times and shortly before we decided to take a trip through the Pubs here. I hate to get drunk but this time I definately made an exception ;-)



Undersea Exploration!!

August 2, 2011

I know I am late... can you forgive me? You know I'm not a lazy Q*bert but I had a lot of press dates recently, anyway here it is another short review about my France trip.


Uwe, Sabine, Adrian and myself went on a nice trip to St.Malo and visited the Aquarium there. Here are some impressions:




What a surprise, the missing proof that Yeti really exists! Found at the entry of St.Malo Aquarium!




Had a small chat with some of my underwater friends. Did I already tell you that I can assimilate languages within seconds?



Some poisoness and dangerous creatures. Lucky me the glass window was thick enough so that they couldn't break through!




This is "Horst" one of my favourite fish friends. He is 80 years old and a very relaxed guy. Told me that he likes to chill to reggae vibes. The Aquarium cleaning team always provides this kind of music to make sure all fish are in a good mood.




Look at these strange creatures, they seem to belong to the stoneage.




Definately not the prettiest animals on this planet!




I love these turtles! I should clim into my diving suit and go for a ride :-)




Some sort of group posing...




We finished our visit with a small submarine dive. It was absolutely brilliant! I think I am gonna buy me such a nice little undersea vessel to explore the fish pond in my garden!




I didn't know that Nemo conceived such a big family, my deepest respect!


Talk to you later my dear friends, I am @!#?@! tired


Vive la France!!

July 2, 2011

Hey you guys out there, desperately waiting for a new entry from me :-)


And here it is...




This time I am writing to you from France, a very nice country in the heart of Europe.


Uwe, my private photographer and Sabine & Adrian who administrate my Badian headquarters took me to a nice region located at the very north-west of France called "Bretagne". A typical coast region. Normally I don't like water very much but this time I really enjoyed the view on the coastal surface and the Atlantic waves with their giant ocean spray.




On the pictures above you can see us looking for a new holiday residence to buy at a place called "Cap Frehel". I fell in love with that location and was urgently trying to find a nice small house for me and my friends. You know I am not a rich Q-bert but due to my enormous popularity and several commercial contracts I still have a couple of dollars on my several accounts on the Cayman Islands and Luxembourg.




After a couple of days of painstaking search we finally found this nice little place that suited me very well. You know I am not too choosy so I guess this tiny ensemble of two houses would do at first. A funny detail: One of these houses had a big light on top that circles around in the night. Maybe it was once used as a kind of disco lighting. Anyway I bought this solid built residence for a very reasonable price, a true bargain of course! I hate wasting money!


More spectaculary reviews about my long France trip coming up soon! Stay tuned :-)


Sunny and her bad guy...

June 12, 2011

I love this place, great weather and funny people around. I met a lovely little lady called Sunny in my VIP hotel and we had some nice chats about hanging around, but sadly she was a really bad guy's girl and i would have been scared of him, if was not q-bert!




check this out: a picture of that damn scary guy. a true villain in a cat's coat. I would hardly go out at night if he is around... I hate rude cats! Normally I eat them for breakfast but this time I let him run away... Anyway my days here in Spain come to an end, I am invited by Rudy from France since months and its time to get into the shipping box again. I will have a short stop in Berlin to get some German Becks Beer and Spreewaldgurken, some @!#?@! disgusting food from the region Rudy seems to like.

I met Bubbles

June 2, 2011

What a @!#?@! great surprise! I met my old buddy Bubbles on the street in Mogan. We had a good time, a few years ago, in Los Angeles before he moved to Michael. Today Bubbles lives in Grand Canaria under a new identity, too many Paparazzi here. We had delicious pasta in an italian restaurant - I can not stand every day Paella.


Later I met a bunch of strange, lethargic guys, hanging around on the street.


Spanish Boat Tour

May 24, 2011

Some photos from our boat tour to the haven city Mogan. I was very scared about the @!#?@! ship´s quality, but we made it to Mogan without sinking.


Lovely Parents!

May 24, 2011

Today we met Oliver´s parents and we had a great time together. We were traveling on the island and relaxed in the sun. Good weather here - about 28 degrees Celsius. By the way - the German BILD newspaper is very boring. They did not write one line about my appearance at the royal wedding in London. BILD - shame on you! @!#?@!

Bye London - Welcome to Grand Canaria

May 20, 2011

I had a nice week with Charles and his folks - I was invited to stay for two weeks in a private royal VIP loft, built about 300 years ago. Due to security and privacy issues I was pleased to not take pictures. Sorry my friends but I cannot say "No"... @!#?@!

I had a short trip to Berlin to meet Oliver, he forwarded me via DHL (I love their shipping habbits...) to come over to the lovely island of Grand Canaria - some sort of Spanish colony in front of Marokko´s coast. Oliver and I are visiting his parents who stay there, for awhile, in the spring time. I just arrived and wanted to show you the great scene here, see some pics and stay tuned !

16:50 From Paddington

April 30, 2011

I always wanted to do this, taking the train from "Paddington" at 16:50 like one of my all time cinema heroes Margaret Rutherford as "Miss Marple" in "Murder she said" a cool Agatha Christie classic. "16:50 ab Paddington" was the German title.


I have been dreaming of that Paddington train station since I was a very little Q-bert! Not to watch any murdering going on, but to visit one of London's most impotant locations! This is a must for any cinema maniac like I am. Lucky me Sabine my traveling guide found some time and did that favour for me. So we did some nice subway station hopping on our last day in London. Also "Oxford Station" was on our list! Did you know that due to an accident in Oxford Station in 1984, caused by smoking, any kind of smoking was forbidden in London's subway stations. And you know I hate all kinds of smoke!



Later, after we finished subway station hopping, we had to take our plane back to Germany. I heard that Konnopke's Imbiss will open up his new restaurant soon so I will have to be in Berlin soon, not before doing a short trip to Spain with Oliver for some snorkeling fun.

Talk to you soon :-)


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